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From working with newly postpartum moms, to moms with 3 growing kids, to women with a 9-5 job, to women that work from home - I have seen it all and understand where you're at!


If you're thinking about taking the next step in working with me but want to see what others' experiences were like, check out our testimonials below!

Lexus is the best of the best. As someone who has tracked macros for many years, I wasn’t sure I “needed” a coach. But I can tell you with certainty I would not have reached my goals without her. The no-bullshit-accountability she provided, along with constant support, were two things I didn’t realize I needed as badly as I did. 


I worked with Lexus on a cut leading up to my wedding and I can honestly say I have never felt better. My macros were never unrealistic, and as someone who has struggled with disordered eating tendencies, this was of the utmost importance to me. I look back on wedding photos and am so proud of the work I put in, and am so thankful for the guidance Lexus provided. I could not have done it without her. 


Lexus’ passion for what she does is unmatched and that is so evident in the way that she coaches. While her goal is to be a coach, and to help you succeed, at heart she is a friend, and that’s what sets her apart from the rest. 


I get asked about macro coaches almost every single day, and I know a lot of macro coaches. But there’s no one I recommend more than her! 


-Aubrey Howe 



Lexus was amazing to work with. She does a phenomenal job explaining macronutrients which can be very overwhelming. I went into the program hoping for physical changes but walked away with so much more. Through macro counting I found food freedom and how to fuel my body to meet my needs and goals. After the program, Lexus has been available for any questions and advice which has been extremely helpful in navigating nutrition on a regular basis. Cannot recommend her services enough! 


“I knew it was time to reverse when I was waking up in the middle of the night hungry, going about my day with low energy and feeling confused on how I would increase my calories when I was always told less is better. When Lex had openings for her reverse group, I was so excited to work with her! I didn’t know that signing on would change my ways & my life.

The whole process, Lex was very supportive and encouraging, giving feedback and always being to the point in terms of progressing forward with caloric intakes. Through her, I learned to trust the process and understand that more calories, more rest days & more sleep is the way to go. I increased my calories from 1350 calories to 2100+ calories in 8 weeks with her help, doubling my carb intake & increasing fats. I became less moody, more energized, had better sleep and felt like I was reset for life. As I paired Lexs program with a progressive overload program, I saw great results in my body composition, mostly for the fact that my body now had fuel to fire it & allow for better changes! I couldn’t recommend Lex & her services enough! I now have a new outlook on fitness and everyday life as I feel energized to go about my day.” -Brooke

Brooke  Niedermaier


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