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Hi everyone…Lexus here! I am so thrilled that you’ve decided to embark on this journey with me. I am a double certified macro coach (pn1 and macro mentorship) and a macro master. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business and am incredibly passionate about all thins health, nutrition, and fitness.

A little bit about me. I currently live in Santa Clarita, CA but was born and raised in Wells, Maine. My husband and I have been together since 2013 and have a cat named Reya and two goldendoodles named Rogan and Reese. We have a beautiful daughter; Luca Lane and a son, Quinn David. We are so excited to continue growing our family. In my free time you can find me working out, organizing, doing home projects, going out to eat, listening to podcasts or taking a bath with a good book. I absolutely love to travel too!

My journey to becoming a nutrition coach started many years ago. I was raised in my family restaurant and was introduced to many foods at a young age. Through high school and college, I suffered from a variety of eating disorders and abused things like laxatives, Adderall and diet pills. This led to severe orthorexia, aka the obsession with “eating clean/being healthy”. I developed severe food fear and essentially cut out everything in my diet. This continued for many years until I discovered macros and began healing my relationship with food from the inside out.

Since counting macros, I have recognized that food is not inherently “good” or “bad”. There are places and spaces for all types of food in our diet, when done in moderation. Once I started regularly counting macros and lifting weights, I changed the shape of my body in a way I never thought possible. All of a sudden, I had acquired this body I always dreamed of having, but just assumed I could never achieve. All while eating more food than I had in YEARS with zero restriction or guilt or fear. It was the most life changing discovery and I knew quite quickly that it was my mission to spread the word to others.

I became a macro coach in March 2019, and have since coached over 250 women through cuts, reverse to maintenance, and builds. I have helped clients reach their goals for big events like weddings, vacations, improve their disordered eating habits, and most importantly- improve their relationship with food and self. I have my Precision Nutrition Certification and am certified through the Macro Mentorship Program through G-Transformation Academy. I just signed up for a Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist training through Core Exercise Solutions which I plan to finish this year.

American culture, specifically women, are tricked and sucked into diet culture through fear mongering and false claims. I am here to BREAK THE MOLD. I am here to teach you and help you recognize that you *can* achieve your dream body and still eat the foods that bring you joy.

I am a tough love, tell it how it is type of coach. I will hold you accountable, be your guide and teacher, be a shoulder to lean on through the challenges, and essentially help you reframe your brain and the way you think about food and fueling your body. But remember, at the end of the day: I am your cheerleader, and YOU are the one playing the game.  Together we will come up with a custom plan to help you achieve YOUR goals. My only hope during our time together is that you leave better than you started. In control of your food choices, rather than food controlling you.

As your macro coach, I can help you create a sustainable lifestyle that is based on your individual needs and preferences. I am here to prove to you that you never have to do another fad-diet again…no more yo-yoing. Using macros as a tool in your life can guarantee you a more balanced, more enjoyable way of life. It IS possible to eat amazing food, drink alcohol, move your body in a way that feels good, AND have a body that you are proud of. I am so excited to show you how!!!!

I look forward to helping you reach your health and fitness goals! 

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