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Accountability, support and a custom plan to help you reach your goals in a sustainable, enjoyable way! Honest and open communication is always at the forefront with this style of Coaching. I want to help you reach your goals using the most sustainable and enjoyable approach possible.


Meet Your Coach, Lexus!

Welcome! I'm a 29 year old mama of two babies, Luca Lane and Quinn David. I have been with my husband since March 2013 and we got married in September 2019. He is the love of my life and is a personal injury attorney. We live in Southern California with our two goldendoodles and kitty! We love spending time trying new restaurants, getting outside for family walks, relaxing at home with a good show and yummy dessert, and spending quality time with our kids. I had a very wild childhood filled with disordered eating and unhealthy addictions.  However, my experiences molded me into the person that I am today, and ultimately led me into the world of macro counting where I discovered food freedom!  Ever since, I have made it my goal to help others find the same happiness and healthy relationship with food that I did through macro counting.  I cannot wait to be a part of your journey towards achieving food freedom and balanced living!

1:1 coaching is the most hands on style of coaching. You will provide me with details about your day to day and we will make adjustments as needed. Honest and open communication is always at the forefront with this style of Coaching. I want to help you reach your goals using the most sustainable and enjoyable approach possible. I love the level of closeness and communication I experience with clients in the 1:1 setting. It is a relationship built on trust, which can only be developed through consistent communication and working together to reach your goals.


In addition to aesthetic goals and managing nutrition, we will also be working towards a proper and realistic mindset around food, achieving food freedom, letting go of unhealthy habits, drowning out the noise of others, etc! From the beginning of your program to your onboarding check in, I will be here to guide, encourage, and support you



elite vs. all access


Our 1:1 coaching plans come in two tiers: Elite and All Access.


Elite coaching is extremely limited, and is the highest touch model. Clients will get weekly check-ins with Coach Lexus, and will get to take advantage of private communication with Coach Lexus at any time via text. This style of coaching is perfect for those who are ready to commit to a more immersive process and higher degree of communication. Only a small number of spots will open every 16 weeks, so it is important to join the Elite 1:1 Waitlist if you are interested! 


All Access coaching is the newest model of 1:1 coaching and reflects our commitment to bringing the power of macros to the LGC community with greater affordability and availability. All Access provides the same great resources included in the Elite tier, but instead of weekly check-ins, you will have monthly check-ins with either Coach Lexus or Assistant Coach Mikaelyn. In addition, members will receive weekly video modules in which I teach you everything I know about macros, and access to a community platform to share your questions, tips, and personal wins! Even though this is a lower touch option, it still provides the structure and accountability required to make a positive change, and is perfect for those who are motivated to follow through with greater independence. Spots will open up every 16 weeks, so be sure to join the All Access 1:1 Waitlist if this program is the one for you! 



  • Custom macro count based on your dieting history, lifestyle, and goals.

  • Initial onboarding Loom video where I breakdown the check in process, my custom tracker, expectations, and more.

  • Completely custom tracker created for you to track progress, biofeedback, workouts, measurements, steps, and give me in depth information about your successes, failures, what we need to improve on, etc. This tracker also includes graphs visualizing the week to week changes, as well as a place to input photos. 

  • Detailed video check-ins where Asst. Coach Mikaelyn or I will review and access your progress tracker, biofeedback, reflections, and My Fitness Pal diary. We will give feedback, recommendations, and make adjustments to your macros as necessary. This is all done using the Loom app where you will be able to see your coach's face as they go trough your tracker so we can discuss each topic in depth.

  • Habit tracker spreadsheet that will help you set and track your daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

  • ELITE: 24/7 access to me for questions, encouragement, honest talks, and more via text through WhatsApp

  • ALL ACCESS: 24/7 access to our community platform on Circle, where you can chat with coaches, other members, ask questions, give your pro tips, and share your wins!

  • Access to any group coaching sessions while you are a 1:1 client. This operates on a first come first serve basis.



  • The Macro Manual (20+ pages of information on all things macros & using My Fitness Pal to your advantage)

  • Reverse Guide (18 pages breaking down all things reverse dieting)

  • 25 page Wellness Planner (including tons of printables)

Imagine You..

✘ Are walking the road with me towards food freedom

✘ Have less anxiety around food / social activities

✘ Drop the food labels (“good" versus "bad”)

✘ Are learning how to navigate drinking alcohol while still reaching your goals

✘ Do not have fear of carbs 

✘ Do not try more low-fat diets 

✘ Adopt the LESS IS MORE mentality 

✘ Plan meals and cooking without stress 

✘ Feel confident in your skin just as you are

✘ Could live your life without being in a constant diet

✘ Recognize the benefits and importance of walking 

✘ Prioritize sleep and recovery  


I can help you do all of that!






per month

4 month committment




per month

4 month committment

1:1 Coaching is on a first come first serve basis. Once you join the list, I will send over the jotform questionnaire IF I HAVE OPEN SPOTS AVAILABLEif I think we’ll be a good fit, you will hear from me within 30 days. FROM THERE, WE WILL TALK IN MORE DETAIL, get your contract signed, and pick a start date. IF WE DO NOT HAVE SPOTS AVAILABLE, YOU WILL HEAR FROM ME WHEN WE DO.

  • Do I need to have experience tracking macros?
    NO! You can range from a brand new tracker to an experienced tracker. No matter who you are, you will gain knowledge and tools from my programs, whether 1:1 coaching or group coaching.
  • Will I have access to the program/ guides/ tracker even after our time together is over?
    YES! You have lifetime access :)
  • What type of goals is your coaching good for?
    ALL GOALS! Whether you need to lose 100 lbs, whether you’re pregnant and want to maintain your weight, or looking to build muscle in a surplus- I WANT TO HELP YOU THROUGH IT ALL! I have extensive experience and knowledge with a variety of clients with all different types of needs!
  • What are your certifications?
    I am a double certified Macro Nutrition Coach. I am certified through pn1 and Macro Mentorship which are both accredited. This year I will be finishing my Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Specialist Course through CES.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    No refunds will be offered for group coaching or 1:1 Coaching. You will sign a contract for both offerings agreeing to this prior to beginning!
  • Can I do this if I'm dairy, gluten, AND/OR soy free?
    ABSOLUTELY! I work with clients with a variety of dietary restrictions, preferences, needs, allergies etc!
  • How do I ask questions?
    1:1 clients can text me or email me at any time. All group coaching client questions will be discussed in the Facebook Group! Of course any additional personal questions can be discussed via email.
  • Will there be a discount for group coaching clients who want to join 1:1
    YES! You’ll receive a $50 off coupon!
  • Is there a cap for group coaching groups?
    YES! I never want it to be too big and feel like you’re getting lost. I do cap my groups and the spots are limited.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    One time macro counts and group coaching is paid upfront for one fee // 1:1 coaching you are billed monthly!
  • How many months is your coaching program?
    1:1 coaching is a 12 week program. At the end of the 12 weeks you have the option to sign on for an additional 12 weeks
  • Can I do this if I'm plant based?
    Absolutely! I have tons of veg/ vegan clients. I make sure each plan is totally custom to the client
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